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Best wishes and a Merry Christmas from everyone at Chaplin Multimedia Ltd.

Hope you all have a relaxing holiday and come back all refreshed for 2018. Look out for our new website in January and a new admin system in early 2018.


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Excellent day spent at Google UK and passed my Mobile Search exam to get Google Partner Accreditation with a 90% score :D

What does Google’s core algorithm change mean for your small business? | 123-reg Blog

Google Panda is now officially part of Google’s core ranking algorithm. Google confirmed that this past weekend there was a core ranking change but that it was unrelated to Penguin, the update we’ve been waiting for since December 2015. https://www.123-reg.co.uk/blog/search-engines/what-does-google-core-algorithm-change-mean-for-your-small-business/?_$ja=tsid:54698|cgn:DESFPS-Jan16

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At last RIP :)

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Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year from Chaplin Multimedia.

Another year has flown by and the web has marched on to be one of the most successful marketing platforms in history.

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With Facebook & Google becoming a very important advertising platform it is increasingly important to maximise your results for the amount of money you spend. Contact us to find out more... http://blog.chaplinmultimedia.co.uk/index.php/facebook-google-instagram-marketing-tips/

Instagram just made a major move that will turn it into a huge advertising business

Interesting that this is coming quicker than planned.

The Next Web

wonders if it will be like a sine wave...

Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand

RIP Internet Explorer you will not be missed!!

Goodbye, AdWords Destination URLs | Search Engine Journal

Another good change on the Adwords destination url.


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